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Shelter Cove is truly the Last Frontier. Any further and you'll drive off the continent.  

In 2006 the King Range and the entire Lost Coast seashore were declared a designated Wilderness Area. Shelter Cove is a little enclave in the middle of, but not included in that designated wilderness area. So people can still invest and build their dream home here. No freeways, no pollution, no traffic lights (the closest traffic light is 90 minutes away), not even Highway 1 runs through this pristine area, nothing but breathtaking, untamed nature as far as the eye can see.

The tiny community of Shelter Cove, situated at the end of 23 miles of twisty, windy road through beautiful scenery, boasts a small airport for private planes, a 9 hole links-style golf course, fishing (charters available), abalone diving, surfing, tide pools, whale- and bird watching, and endless hiking trails.

Shelter Cove has three beaches, the Shelter Cove beach, launching place of the fishing boats and popular surfing spot, great for walking at low tide, Big Black Sands Beach, the start of the 24 mile Lost Coast hiking trail to the mouth of the Mattole River and Little Black Sands Beach, a photographer's paradise.

There are several inns and small motels in Shelter Cove. Reservations are recommended. Two restaurants, a deli at the campgrounds, a coffee shop, and a pizzeria. But opening hours, especially in winter are irregular, so you'd be well advised to take advantage of the rare inns that offer fully equipped kitchens. The general store, located a few miles up the hill, sells the basics. Winter storm watching is awe-inspiring but not on an empty stomach.

Come and discover Shelter Cove, a little spot of paradise in a restless world.